Prof. Gershman comments on case involving Putnam County DA

Professor Bennett Gershman has been consulted again by writers for “The New York Times” as they continue to cover a case unfolding in Putnam County, New York. The case involves the County’s District Attorney, Adam Levy.

The defendant in the case, Alexandru Hossu, has been charged with raping a 13-year-old girl. Mr. Levy is a friend of Mr. Hossu’s and, though he has recused himself from the case, Levy has continued to advise the defendant about legal strategies. The attorney representing Hossu is Levy’s brother-in-law.

“It’s not behavior that any public figure would engage in,” Professor Gershman is quoted as saying, “but here we’re talking about a prosecutor whose job it is to protect the safety of victims and enforce the law, not meddle and sabotage a prosecution of his friend.”

The latest article about this case can be read here.

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