Pace Law team offers arbitration analysis for ESPN New York

ESPN New York posted an analysis of the MLB salary arbitration process crafted by Pace Law School’s award-winning arbitration team.

Dan Masi and Jared Hand, who were part of the team that won first place at the Tulane National Baseball Arbitration Competition last January, are joined by new team members Pete Naber and Jesse Kantor. The team offers salary predictions for the Mets’ high-profile arbitration-eligible players: Dillon Gee, Bobby Parnell, Ike Davis and Daniel Murphy.

As part of their “primer” on the arbitration process, they write: “Statistical comparisons to players with similar service time often provide the most convincing argument. Arbitrators tend to base their overall decisions on the similarity of the player in question to the presented “comps” in their equivalent year of service time and in their career stats to that point.”

To read their analysis, click here.

For the second segment, the salary projection for Bobby Parnell, click here.

Their salary projection for Ike Davis here.

Their salary projection for Daniel Murphy here.

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