Don Bosco Workers Inc. announce partnership with Neighborhood Justice Clinic

Don Bosco Workers, Inc., a grassroots community-organizing group that advocates for justice for low-income workers, announced their new partnership with Pace Law School’s Neighborhood Justice Clinic.

In a press release they also posted to their website, it states: “The Don Bosco Workers – Neighborhood Justice Clinic Partnership will focus on research to figure out how to strengthen state wage protection laws and enforcement in New York State. New York is considered to have one of the strongest wage payment laws especially since the Wage Theft Prevention Act was passed in 2011.”

The Neighborhood Justice Clinic, which opened this January, provides upper level students with an additional opportunity to gain practical skills while providing local residents with legal representation in matters related to workers’ rights and other issues affecting low-income communities in Westchester County.

To read the announcement on the Don Bosco website, click here.

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