Prof. Griffin selected as an advisor to Scottish Commission

Professor Lissa Griffin has been selected to serve as an advisor on United States law to the International Advisory Commission in Scotland. Composed largely of Scottish academics, the Commission was created in response to the Scottish Government’s decision to abolish the corroboration requirement in Scots law. Currently, their laws require two sources of evidence before a case can proceed to trial, a requirement that opponents of the requirement believe hampers the ability to bring cases to court, especially cases where the victims have been children and the elderly. The International Advisory Panel was created to gather and share perspectives on corroboration laws in other countries and what safeguards the Scots Government should enact with this change.

Professor Griffin is the Founder of the Pace Criminal Justice Center and served as Professor in Residence at the Pace London Law Program, University College London. Among the courses she currently teaches at Pace Law is Comparative Criminal Procedure, a comparison of the processes of several countries, including the United States.


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