In “Huffington Post” blog, Prof. Gershman takes exception to Nancy Grace’s tactics

In his “Huffington Post” blog, Professor Bennett Gershman criticizes former prosecutor and cable TV personality Nancy Grace. A former New York prosecutor himself, he cites multiple occasions when Grace ignores verifiable facts, a practice that Gershman says undermines the effective workings of the country’s legal system.

“To the extent she slimes defendants, their lawyers, and the legal processes that protect the rights of persons accused of crimes, Grace is able to distort and manipulate what people think about the legal system and, as a consequence, erode the public’s confidence in a system that although not perfect, attempts in good faith to adjudicate guilt fairly and impartially,” writes Gershman.

His commentary focuses specifically on the Michael Skakel case that is currently in the news and the careless and false comments that Grace has made about that case during her program. To read the blog, click here.

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