Pace Law program ranked in the top ten by National Jurist Magazine

“National Jurist Magazine” ranked Pace Law School among the top ten programs for practical training opportunities for part-time students. The magazine said their determination was based upon an analysis of data from the American Bar Association “including the number of simulation positions filled for part-time students, the number of faculty-supervised clinical positions for part-time students and the number of field placement positions filled for part-time students. It calculated a ratio to part-time enrollment for each, and then assigned a weight to each category favoring real client-based practical training such as clinics and externships over simulations or mock trials.”

“It is great to see that some schools are taking practical training seriously even for their part-time students,” said Jack Crittenden, Editor In Chief of preLaw and National Jurist magazines.

Earlier this year, “National Jurist” had conducted an analysis of programs available to full-time students. The magazine, which also publishes “preLaw Magazine,” included Pace Law School in the top ten of that list, as well.

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