Pace Law School Library hosts delegation from the Republic of Georgia

AvisitorsThe Pace Law Library will be hosting a delegation from the High School of Justice, located in Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia.

“They have shared that their goal is to ‘enrich and modernize’ their library,” said Professor Marie Newman, director of the Pace Law Library.

The group of visitors will include the Director of the High School, the Deputy Director, and the Head of Administration. During their one-day visit, they will learn how the Pace Law Library is organized, including the library’s on-line catalog. Among the features the Library staff will be sharing with their guests is Digital Commons, the on-line platform that allows academic institutions and libraries to provide broad access to their collections.

Of special interest to our visitors, Professor Newman said, is the human rights collection as they plan to redesign their library as a human rights center.  During their New York visit, they also plan to tour the New York State Judicial Institute, located on the campus of Pace Law School.

The High School of Justice was established in 2006 and is the only institution in the Republic of Georgia that provides initial and in-service education for future and acting judges. To share best practices, school personnel organize study visits to similar training institutions, law schools, and law libraries.

We welcome them to Pace Law School.

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