Prof. McDonnell discusses causes of ISIS movement on “Bob Herbert’s Op-Ed TV”

Professor Thomas McDonnell appeared on the weekly news show, “Bob Herbert’s Op-Ed TV.” During the 30-minute program, produced by and aired on the cable news network CUNY TV, Professor McDonnell discussed the situation in the Middle East, especially the growth of the al Qaeda splinter group, ISIS. McDonnell, an expert in international law and the author of “The United States, International Law and the Struggle against Terrorism” explained the multiple causes of the insurgency including the Iraq invasion during the Bush/Cheney Administration.

“Part of the situation is our role in opposing democratic movements in this area,” said Professor McDonnell, explaining the modern history of the area and how the American government’s record of backing tyrants has contributed to the frustration of many in the Middle East.

To watch the entire 30-minute interview, click hereTom McDonnell.

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