Press coverage of Professor Fentiman’s new book, “Blaming Mothers”

Professor Linda Fentiman‘s new book, “Blaming Mothers: American Law and the Risks to Children’s Health,” was the topic of an article published in the “Downtown Express.” In her book, Professor Fentiman explores how quickly our society– and our laws– blame mothers for outcomes that are beyond mothers’ control.

“For instance, when a woman in Utah elected not to have a Caesarian and one of her twins was born stillborn, she was charged with murder,” reads one passage of the article written by Lenore Skenazy. “The fact that stillbirths are fairly common didn’t matter. Nor did the fact that she had no intention of killing her child. All that mattered was the fact that, conveniently, there was someone to blame.”

The full article can be read here.

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