Class action suits

Randolph McLaughlin

Professor Randolph McLaughlin teaches Civil Procedure, Labor Law and New York Practice.  He is a voting rights specialist. He represented the plaintiffs at the trial and appellate levels in Goosby v. Town of Hempstead, the landmark case in the 2nd Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals that set the standard for voting rights challenges to at-large election systems. McLaughlin also represented plaintiffs in voting rights cases against the City of New Rochelle and the Village of Port Chester.

Before joining the Pace faculty in 1998, Prof. McLaughlin was an attorney with Meyer, Suozzi, English & Klein, where his work focused on litigation and labor law. He also previously worked at the Center for Constitutional Rights, as well as with civil rights attorney William Kunstler, fighting for the rights of activists and communities across the country.

Prof. McLaughlin has worked extensively to protect civil rights, and has won a variety of high-profile civil and voting rights cases.  He pioneered the development of a legal strategy to redress incidents of racially motivated violence in a published book, and has written numerous articles on voting and civil rights issues.

Areas of expertise: labor law, civil rights law, class action lawsuits, Constitutional law

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