Vanessa Merton

Professor Vanessa Merton is a professor of law and faculty supervisor of the Immigration Justice Clinic. She also teaches the Immigration Justice Seminar.

Merton developed and taught for six years the Prosecution of Domestic Violence Clinic in conjunction with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. She also co-founded the Access to Health Care and Health in the Workplace Clinics. Professor Merton has lectured and published extensively on issues of biomedical and legal ethics and on health issues of importance to women, including domestic violence, the exclusion of women subjects from medical research, and the phenomenon of female genital mutilation. She was the founding chair of the Institutional Review Board of the Community Research Initiative of New York, one of the first centers for community-based biomedical research on AIDS, and the first Associate for Law at the Hastings Center Institute for Society, Ethics, and the Life Sciences. She is a member of the Mt. Sinai Occupational Health Clinic Advisory Board.

Professor Merton has received six different national and state public interest practice awards for creating a disaster legal assistance program for victims of the September 11 terrorist attacks and for her unwavering dedication to public service.

Area of expertise: immigration law ethics/ professional responsibility, legal education policy

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