Prof. Michael Mushlin testifies before the Mass. legislature on a proposal to create a prison oversight board

Prof. Michael Mushlin was invited to testify before the Massachusetts state legislature in support of a bill that would establish a Corrections Commission with the power to oversee conditions in the Massachusetts prison system.

Prof. Mushlin told the legislature’s Joint Committee on Public Safety and Homeland Security: “Oversight of prisons, which is what this Bill aims to do, is an idea whose time has arrived. This is because oversight is essential if prisons in this country are to be humane, effective and efficient. ¬†House Bill 1559, if enacted, will, at very little cost, provide a measure of essential oversight for your corrections system.¬† By passing this measure you will serve the public interest of your citizens and at the same time will set an example for the nation of a state forthrightly addressing a problem that demands attention.”

He went on to say that oversight makes jails and prisons more transparent; undercovers potential problems that have been overlooked; can help avoid expensive lawsuits; and increases public involvement in the operation of prisons.

Read Prof. Mushlin’s testimony.

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