Prof. Emily Waldman comments on SCOTUS declining to hear appeal from Bronx church regarding worship in NYC schools

The New York Daily News turned to Prof. Emily Waldman this week for a story about the Supreme Court refusing to hear an appeal from the Bronx Household of Faith church, which is fighting New York City for the right to worship in a public school. The Court’s refusal lets stand a ruling from a lower court barring religious organizations from holding services in public schools.

According to the article, “The city had allowed about 60 groups to worship in public buildings pending the Supreme Court’s decision, but that will come to an end Feb. 12.” While city officials–who had argued that allowing worship services in schools would violate the church-state separation–relished the news, City Councilman Fernando Cabrera (D-Bronx) said he plans to introduce a resolution on Thursday pressuring the state Senate to pass a bill reversing the appeals decision.

Prof. Waldman told the Daily News that a state bill would most likely end up being challenged in court.

“It will be a whole new proceeding, and would probably go to a federal district court,” Waldman said.

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